Frequently Asked Questions

What is HiFi Hunter?

HiFi Hunter is a search engine that indexes all the best forums, classifieds and dealers to let you to find the items you are looking for with a single search.

How do I buy something on HiFi Hunter?

When you find an item that interests you in the search results, click on the advert to jump to the original website it came from. From there you will be able to reply, message or contact the seller or shop to discuss purchase.

HiFi Hunter does not maintain contact details of sellers and can not put you into contact with sellers. With any second hand trade, take care to ensure the item meets your expectations and the seller is genuine. As always, Buyer Beware.

Read our Buying Tips for more advice buying safely.

How do I sell something on HiFi Hunter?

HiFi Hunter does not host any adverts directly. Our search engine will index adverts from other sites on a regular basis, so simply list your item on one or more of the sites we index and it will be added to the index shortly after.

Read our Selling Tips for more advice on selling items.


How do I add my website/shop to HiFi Hunter?

If you would like to see your forums, website or shop included in the HiFi Hunter index, please get in touch to discuss further.

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