Sugden Audio
A small, but successful home grown British Hi-Fi firm, that hand builds a good deal of great of kit. Founded around the mid ’60s, when it d├ębut with the A21 class-a integrated amplifier. Such a hit, that the A21 model is still a mainstay of their current product range, albeit after numerous iterations and improvements.

Sugden A21

Key model: Sugden A21 – Initially released in the ’60s as a wood cased solid state amp, today the design has been realised with modern component and aesthetics. However all models are class-a and are highly rated.
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Fan site: – lots of info on the early A21 amps.

Note: Sugden Audio, is founded by J.E. Sugden and is not to be confused with A.R. Sugden who built many turntables and tone-arms e.g. the Sugden Connoisseur.