Pink Triangle

Setup by Neal Jackson and Arthur Khoubesserian in a garage workshop based in Catford, London, Pink Triangle were in business from 1979 to 2003. Initially producing unique and innovative turntables and later releasing outstanding DAC’s and CD transports. They were the first company to use a one piece solid acrylic platter and an inverted spindle bearing. In the digital domain they achieved amazingly low jitter rates by employing a multi-stage phase locked loop for clock recovery. Their reputation such, that many other manufacturers consulted them or implemented their DACs e.g. DaCapo.

After the demise of Pink Triangle, Arthur Khoubesserian went on to found Funk Firm and continue producing innovate turntables.

Pink Triangle Tarantella with Hornet PSU

Key products: Pink Triangle Export turntable and Pink Triangle Ordinal DAC.
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