Heed Audio originally starting out in 1987 as Zsolt Audio by brothers Zsolt and Alpar Huszti, who primarily imported British Hi-Fi into Hungry. However they were later joined by Richard Hay of Ion Systems (Nytech) fame, where upon they started reproducing his classic Ion Systems Obelisk amplifier to rival the likes of Naim.

The reborn Heed Obelisk, which sold exceedingly well to the local market. Later products included the well regarded Heed Orbit turntable speed unit/PSU and Heed Quasar & Questar phono amplifiers. These days Heed produce many different pieces of Hi-Fi kit, all in their narrow familiar shoe-box style cases.

Heed Audio Obelisk SI
Key model: Heed Quasar phono pre-amplifier
Hunt down: Heed
Official website: www.heedaudio.hu/