Kef Reference 105 Loudspeakers

Here we have another rare pair of speakers for you. These are the Kef Reference 105 speakers, first produced in 1970 and continued to be built until 1987. They are a no holds barred high end design, not just the best speakers Kef had produced, but the a landmark in speaker design across the industry. Highly regarded for tonal accuracy and stereo precision, their 3 way design places each driver in a separate cabinet for optimal frequency response. With those huge 12″ bass drivers these 105’s reach down to 38Hz with ease – many average subwoofers on the market today can’t even do this!

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                             KEF  REFERENCE  105  SPEAKERS

Although this pair are in good condition, the foam driver surrounds can suffer from deterioration due to age. But fear not, replacements are readily available on ebay:

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KEF 105/3 Speaker Foam Repair Kit - incl. Donut dust caps - 4A8+4Donut

More information here on the Kef Website.

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