Heybrook Quartet Loudspeakers

heybrook-quartet-speakersHeybrook first introduced this Quartet speaker around 1990 and continued it’s production throughout the ’90s. Universally highly regarded and although out shone by the Quintet and Sextet speakers higher up the range, it still sold well and regularly crops up second hand. There presentation is on the side of accuracy and detail, ideal for classical music and softer acoustic/vocal tunes. Metal heads should look elsewhere. Sensitivity is high, making them easy drive and perfect for low power valve and class-a solid state amps.

This pair are currently on a bargain price, probably worth somewhere between £100-200.

Right Now on eBay

Seller Feedback: 1480 (100%)

Ended: June 15, 2013, 8:55 pm

Location: Fareham

Heybrook Quartet Speakers Walnut

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