Retro ’70s Marantz 1040 amplifier

Marantz-1040-ampTake a trip down memory lane with this super ’70s retro Marantz integrated amplifier. Dating from 1975, this gorgeous silver styled solid state amplifier has a sweet, smooth and slightly laid back presentation. New price was $200 in 1975, so although low in the range, certainly not a cheap piece of kit. Power output is only 20W per channel, so partner with some sensitive speakers to get the best from it. It’s big brother, the 1060 is very highly sought after, but is of very similar design internally, but with 30W output. Factor in the very reasonable built in moving magnet phono stage and headphone output and you have quite a bargain here.


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Marantz 1040 Hi-fi Home Audio Stereo Integrated Amp Amplifier Separate

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