Thorens TD124 Mk.II New Old Stock

Thorens TD124 Mk.II NOSWhat a rare find we have here for you. A completely brand new, totally unused Thorens TD-124 Mk.II turntable dating from around 1966. These decks are highly sought after at the best times, but for one to pop brand new in original packaging with all original accessories is unheard of. It is a classic belt/idle wheel deck with a heavy weight cast iron platter and strong 10W motor, giving perfectly smooth pitch perfect rotation. It supports 4 speeds; 12 2/3, 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. Overall, the engineering and design is extremely high, far beyond the majority of midrange turntables that hit the market since. So highly regarded, Bang & Olufsen chose to incorporate the TD-124 Mk.2 in their Beogram 3000 in 1969.

The TD-124 is sold without a plinth, but worry not, there are plenty of good quality, hand crafted wooden plinths available on ebay at a very reasonable prices. For more information and a full history of this legendary desk, visit the Sound Fountain page here.

This turntable won’t go cheap, most used examples in good condition sell for £600-800, however given the new condition of this deck, expect it easily exceed £1000, maybe even £2000.

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