Creek OBH-21 Headphone Amplifier

Creek-OBH12-Headphone-AmpIf you’ve got a decent set of headphones that need a bit of drive, don’t compromise and expect the output from your computer to do them justice. Get yourself a decent headphone amp, like the Creek one listed here, to really get the most from your cans. Similarly, if your Hi-Fi is lacking a dedicated headphone output, then a headphone amplifier like this hooked up the tape output loop is a great way to go.

Creek are well known for their small steel boxes, which are well built and compact. This headphone amp fairly straight forward with just a a stereo analogue input and a volume control. Perhaps not great value at its original new price of £190, but second hand here it could potentially be a bargain.

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Ended: May 12, 2013, 6:40 pm

Location: Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Creek OBH-21 Headphone Amp

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