Primare Home Cinema Setup – P30, A30.5 & V20

primare-p30-a30.5-v20Hailing from Sweden, Primare are a high end brand that exude the classic Scandinavian design mentality. Their products are uncluttered, well built and perform their role well. Here we have one of their early examples of high quality home cinema gear. Dating from around 2000, this setup consists of the P30 5.1 surround processor, the A30.5 five channel power amplifier and the V20 DVD player.

So why spend £600 on an old DVD based setup? First consider that when launched, the P30 and A30.5 sold for around £2000 each and the V20 sold for £1000, that’s a £5k rig now at a 10th of the price. The P30 processor has an excellent analogue direct mode, that physically switches around the digital stage, ideal for those wanting to maintain a clean path for analogue stereo sources (e.g. CD player or turntable). The P30 also features a balanced input and output and an AES/EBU digital input. The V20 DVD isn’t super feature full, but it a good solid player nonetheless. However the A30.5 is a great multi channel power amp, still highly sought after, and worth the £600 in its own right. The big advantage of a separate processor, amp and player like this, is you can swap the processor (e.g. for a Primare SP32, with HDMI support) or the player (e.g. for the Primare BD32 bluray player) and still keep the power amplifier.

Be quick though, I’m tempted by this sale myself, purely for the A30.5 amp to match my current SP31.7 processor!

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Primare Amp A30.5 five channel, P30 processor and DVD V20

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