Full Rega and Royd System

Rega-Royd-SetupHere we have a classic flat earth British HiFi from the ’90s, featuring Rega amp, CD player and tuner, paired with some Royd Audio speakers and finished off with a good looking Isoblue rack. The Rega Mira amp, Planet CD player and Royd Minstrels were all very highly regarded in the day, for giving great performance at a reasonable price. Favoured for their PRaT (Pace, Rhythm & Timing) properties, they give a fun, bouncy, foot tapping presentation that’ll put a big smile on the face of all Rock music lovers.

At £950, it may not be bargain of the century, but the price is fair for this complete and matching setup, in its excellent condition. Just be aware no replacement laser assemblies for the Rega Planet are available any more. But worst comes to worse, this could be replaced by the later Rega Apollo player with identical styling.

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Ended: April 28, 2013, 6:27 pm

Location: Poole

Full Rega HiFi System with Royd Speakers

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