Guaranteed Sound Improvement in a Bottle

Bristol Beer from Ales by MailIs your Hi-Fi missing something? Not quite got the sound you desire, think it just needs something else to get it spot on. Well the perfect answer is right here and available at a very agreeable price. What you need is some Ale. Not just some crappy lager (that’s for those with overprice one speaker iPod docks), but some proper ale, brewed from homegrown breweries, run by those with a genuine love for their work. One bottle or three and everything will sound much better, greater sound stage and enveloping.

On that note, let me introduce a company run by a close friend, Ales by Mail. Specialising in the distribution and sale of all kinds of ale from many, many small breweries, both local and further afield. With New Year’s Eve approaching fast, do stock up quick to avoid disappointment. Order from their Ales By Mail Amazon storefront or direct from their Ales by Mail website.

Do drink responsibly, don’t subject anyone to terrible music!

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