LG NB2420A Bluetooth Compatible Soundbar

Are you constantly pestered by family and friends for a top cinema sound solution? Are you about to give them a whole stack of suggestions, but then find out their budget is only around a £100 all in and they don’t want big speakers and cables everywhere? Never fear, Soundbar’s are the perfect compromise, ideal for those tight on space and with a limited budget, thus a great Christmas present choice. Simply installed beneath the TV to achieve more than reasonable 2.1 sound, that’s miles ahead of the tiny speakers built into modern LCD screens.

This LG Soundbar is a great choice, decent sound, 2 optical inputs (Sky box and Bluray), USB and Bluetooth connectivity too. With 2x 80W output, there’s more than enough power for most. It’s certainly not the last word in surround sound, but for the money, it’s a very reasonable, convenient and discrete solution that’s a good step up for those still listening to films through their TV. A great Xmas choice for the family, and available from Richersounds, a name you can trust, for just £130.

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