Shahinian Diapason Loudspeakers

Shahinian Diapason LoudspeakersShahinian are a small family business who have been building unique and highly unusual speakers for many years now. You’ve probably heard little about them, as they are infamous for their complete lack of marketing and have just a handful of dealers worldwide. No big sell here, word of mouth and quality products are the name of the game.

These Shahinian Diapason loudspeakers are their flagship model, featuring a 5 way design with 18 drive units, including dual 8″ bass transmission line subwoofers. These speakers are a two part system, the Double Eagle subwoofers bases and the Diapason modules on top.

This pair are of special note, being from John Farlowe’s personal collection, the original Exposure Hi-Fi designer. With a new price of over £20,000, their scarcity and unique history, these truly are one of a kind. Not cheap, but definitely a bargain for this pedigree.

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Review of the Shahinian Diapason at Stereophile magazine.

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