Linn Sizmik 10.25 Active Bass Subwoofer

The name Linn is well know for high end audio equipment, from their first LP12 turntable, to more modern digital systems. A few years ago, Linn made a good stab at the surround sound market, of which gave birth to this Sizmik Subwoofer.

The Sizmik is a sealed box, with 10″ bass driver and 500W of class-V cool running amplification. It may not plumb the depths of bigger more capable subs, but from 35Hz up, it produces a top quality, tight and controlled bass sound.

Line level and speaker level inputs are catered for. Crossover settings can be tweaked to mate it with your main speakers perfectly. Design maybe simple but build quality is top notch, this is Linn we’re talking about here. Grab yourself some quality kit at a bargain price.

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Linn Sizmik 10.25 Bass Reinforcement Speaker Subwoofer Maple

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