Quad ESL-63 Electrostatic speakers.

Quad ESL63 Electrostatic SpeakersQuad Electrostatic speakers are one of those steadfast givens in the world of Hi-Fi, since the first Quad Electrostatic was released in 1956, through to the present day. The ESL-63 was introduced in the ’80s and is still in production today.

Electrostatics have a unique sound, highly detailed, accurate and to quote a cliche, as though the singer is right in front of you. Partly due to the large panel area that radiates the sound and the flat frequency response. Unlike some electrostatics, these ESL-63’s will give you a low down tight bass performance, right down to 40Hz. All in all, expect a breathtaking sound unlike any conventional speaker.

However there are some downsides: Firstly they are large (925x660x27mm HWD), you’ll need a decent size living room to house these. Secondly, they won’t go very loud. Over driving can cause permanent damage, but a protection circuit will prevent this. Don’t get me wrong, the ESL-63’s will go louder than older electrostatics and are quoted to handle up to 106dB. However dance and hard-rock fans should give these a miss.

This example are in exemplary condition and will certainly be a bargain.

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Quad ESL-63 Electrostatic Speakers Boxed + Quad service history See images

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