Rehdeko Reson RK125 5S Loudspeakers

Rehdeko RK125Rehdeko are a relatively unheard of Danish brand, that now live on merely as legend. Founded in 1968 by father and son, Weber and Joel Rehde, but closing in 2000 after citing inability to source necessary parts. Weber Rehde sadly passed away a year later, taking with him much of secrets behind his speakers.

These RK125’s feature the distinctive Rehdeko blue full range, dual concentric 10″ main driver, but supplement it with the unique Rehdeko oval tweeter. They are staggeringly sensitive, rating 102dB/1W at 1m, yet have power handling of 150W. These will work well with low output valves of good quiet solid state amps alike, ideally an old Crimson or DNM Reson amp. They are exceedingly rare, these sold for around £3000 in 1990. If you miss these, it could be sometime before another pair pops up.

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Rehdeko Reson RK125 AB Loudspeakers (Reson DNM)

More information on the entire Rehdeko range, including full spec and documentation can be found here.

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