Pink Triangle Original 1980 Turntable

Pink Triangle TurntableArthur Khoubesserian at Pink Triangle took the British Hi-Fi industry by storm in 1980, with this unique and rather special turntable. Featuring many never seen before designs, including a servo controlled DC motor, one piece acrylic platter, light yet rigid suspended subchassis and an inverted bearing. Competition was stiff against the Linn LP12 and Elite Rock, but the Pink Triangle garnered many rave reviews, favouring its neutral sound with little colouration.

Pink Triangle sadly went out of business in 2003, but Arthur Khoubesserian is now enjoying success with his new company, Funk Firm, where his turntable designs and innovations continue to impress.

This auction is for a rare example of the first Pink Triangle decks, with its serial number No.00099 and owned from new, when it was built in Arthur Khoubesserian’s garage workshop in Catford, London. The new price in 1983 was £398. The included tonearm is a Linn LV-V, a low end model built in Japan, selling for £45 in 1983 and now worth around £60-90. This deck would certainly benefit from a better tone-arm. Don’t miss this chance to pick up a piece of Hi-Fi history and a great sounding record player to boot.

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Ended: April 29, 2012, 7:19 pm

Location: Sidcup, Kent

'Pink Triangle' , Turntable.  No.00099.  One Of The Last Wood Base Examples.

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  1. I have the same model purchased about that time, fitted with Syrinx PU3 arm and Ortofom MC20 cartridge, great sound but unfortunately the unit was damaged in the last move. I also used the Pip pre-amp which I still have.

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