Ion Systems Nexus MA600 Monoblock Amplifiers.

Ion-Systems-Nexus-MA600-MonoblocksTalk about rare, these Ion Systems Nexus MA600 monoblocks come up once in a blue moon. Ion Systems were a British manufacturer who unfortunately never lasted the distance and folded back in the ’80s. They produced eclectic Hi-Fi gear, that wasn’t too dissimilar in sound to Naim and Exposure, but much cheaper. They were a key favourite of Joe Akroyd of Royd Audio. Richard Hay was the legendary designer at Ion Systems, who after its demise started Nytech audio. He now works in partnership with Heed Audio, rejuvenating many of his old amplifier designs. As such, servicing is still available from Heed Audio, if needed.

These monoblocks were one of their flagship models (only the MA1000 monos being higher). Lower down the range you could fine the MA400’s and MA600’s, with the MA400 selling for the princely sum of £1330 back in 1991, which gives you some perspective of the exclusivity of these amps. Direct competitors at the time were the Naim NAP135 and the Exposure Dual Mono IV’s. These MA600’s are rated at 125W (into 8 ohm) and have a whopping 750Va transformer. Sound wise, expect oodles of PRaT, smooth dynamics and effortless control. At the asking price here, they are an absolute steal.


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