Firestone Audio Fubar IV Plus USB DAC Headphone Amp

Firestone Audio Fubar IV Plus USB DAC Headphone AmpHailing from Taiwan, Firestone Audio have been building small, yet rather good looking little boxes since 2003. Their product range includes amplifiers, DAC’s, headphone amps and numerous combinations of them all.

Here is their Fubar IV Plus, a great little USB DAC and headphone amp rolled into one. Simply plug USB in from you computer, then plug a nice pair of cans in an bingo! – you’ve got yourself some rather decent quality music reproduction. Ideal for the office and small, personal work areas or bedrooms. It features full 24/192 decoding and you’ve also got SPDIF inputs (coax & optical) along with stereo RCA analogue outputs, making this a versatile DAC elsewhere on your system. Many people eek further improvements from the Fubar, by swapping the Power Supply for a better one.

The Fubar has been many iterations over the years, all widely regarded. This latest IV Plus adds the 192kHz support, whereas the previous IV could only handle upto 96kHz. This IV Plus model usually retails for around €325, however Russ Andrews currently have it reduced to £210. Either way, this example on ebay could turn out be a great bargain.

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Firestone Audio: Fubar IV plus 24Bit/192kHz USB DAC with Headphone Amplifier

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