Denon DP-59L Turntable

Denon DP-59LNot a million miles away from the high end Denon disc spinner we featured last week, this one is very much of the vinyl persuasion. Here we have a fully electronic direct drive DP-59L deck, dating from late ’80s.

The 2.2Kg platter is kept perfectly steady by the AC Servo Quartz PLL motor, which features bi-directional servos for electronic braking. The Denon tonearm is a Dynamic Servo Tracer, with interchangeable arm wands (good luck finding the S-shape arm though). User adjustable Q-Damping lets you tweak to your hearts content, getting top notch tracking from even the most warped of records.

Finished in a real wood veneer and coming in at 15Kg, this is one serious deck. High end performance and super reliable, coming up to 30 years old, it should keep one lucky buyer happy from at least another 30 years. Its a shame these underrated decks never had the success they deserved – the success of CD left them by the wayside.

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Seller Feedback: 456 (100%)

Ended: April 6, 2012, 1:00 am

Location: Centerville, OH


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