Musical Fidelity A100-X Integrated Amplifier

Musical Fidelity A100-XThe original Musical Fidelity A1 integrated amp has been something of a classic ever since it was first released in 1984. Designed by Tim Paravicini (now at EAR), it is almost entirely Class-A in operation, it has a low distortion and warm character to its sound. However at just 20W output per channel, speaker choice is severely limited.

Released in 1986, the A100-X steps in to overcome these short comings, with beefed up transformer to deliver 55W a channel and still highly biased to class-A (although not as much as the A1). Heat dissipation is even bigger a problem than on the A1, hence the A100-X employs internal fans to actively cool itself, blowing heat out of the side panels.

The A100-X shares the same output transistors and phono stage as the A1, and thus shares very much the same character of sound. The A100-X is much rarely than the A1, so don’t miss this one.

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Musical Fidelity A100-X Class A amplifier, Exelent Condition

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Musical Fidelity A100 Class A Amplifier

2 thoughts on “Musical Fidelity A100-X Integrated Amplifier”

  1. good day all;
    the A100-x i upgraded using tip35/36c and dropped the bypass resistors to 0.47 and the load resistors to 0.22.
    the 2955/3055 anly rated at 15A, the STmicro’s at 25/50A.
    i replaced the 12volt zeners, 330 and 470 ohm to 5w.
    used 669 and 649′ as pre drivers and i am pushing 120-130wrms into 6 ohms.
    it runs hot as hell but has the thermal switch installed and has not kicked out the audio as yet.
    i am driving a set of 10’s with compressions limited with 1.8uf 200v np and the unit sounds great.
    also changed the 22pf to 33pf silver mica which has increased the warmth as like valve units.
    has to rebuild the wafer switch and used the tape monitor switch to set to mono if required.

  2. any idea what the A100-x will fetch on the net?
    i have a pioneer, VSX-D702s which i removed the complete power pcb as it was messed up so badly when my friend sent it in for repair that he gave it to me as a present from one of the HI-FI club boys for fixing his arcam amp.
    installed a 35A bridge, couple of 10000uf’s and 2 x pc1230 350wrms modules on a nice heat sink in place the the 6 channel pcb.
    not into surround, i am a stereo power fanatic,”POWER” with “Quality”.
    this old pioneer has a warm beautiful tone and really sounds good on a set of speakers which were designed for germany.
    the supplier, a friend of mine, sent me a pair foc.
    they had a horrid 10″ paper sub on the side which i replaced with a quality top end hi-fi 10″.
    dual 5’s for the mids and a nice tweeter, all in all give one complete spectrum and sounds amazing.
    dropped the caps on the filter to the tops as they were a bit high to my liking with all controls flat.

    did a nad C370 the day before the A100 x, nice sound, just a few dry joints on the solder for the power connectors on the amp pcb’s and a few on the amp pcb’s.
    guess the flow solder was very light for such a unit.

    one cap popped on the 12volt remote circuit???
    popped in a nichi and all up and going.

    cheers from Cape Town SA.
    check what i do, google 44ct357.
    40 years in electronics an still love every second.

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