Hitachi / Lo-D HMA-9500 Mk.II Mosfet Power Amplifer

Here we have a rare Japanese monster amp from the late ’70s, built by Lo-D / Hitachi. It is a high output MOS FET based stereo power amplifier. In fact one of the first successful MOS FET and Class-G based amps on the market. With its incredible low distortion figures, this was serious cutting edge gear for the time.

At over a 100W a channel, this amp has plenty of grunt to tackle even hard to drive speakers. The MOS FET design gives a warm and fast presentation, almost valve like, some may say. Build is like that of tank, and equally suited for Pro studio situations.

The original Mk.I was released in 1978, and the Mk.II in 1979, which featured an updated PSU. The Mk.II sold for ¥270,000 (£2K) in 1979 prices. This could turn out to be a whole lot of amp for not a lot of money.

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Hitachi HMA-9500 mk11 Mosfet Stereo Power Amplifer

Full Specification can be found here.

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