Mayware Mk.V Unipivot Tonearm

This Mayware Mk.V was the last in the Formula tonearm range. All being Unipivot, silicone dampened arms, designed to reduce fatigue and give a more natural presentation, compared to traditional gimbal tonearms. Info is sparse regarding these arms, however they started out being relative budget arms, with the Formula 4 Mk.III released in 1979 for £69.50. The Mk.V was the culmination of the series, improving yet further on the highly successful Formula 4 Mk.III; featuring increased rigidity, dampened arm tube etc.

Like many light weight and unipivot arms, they should be matched with a high compliance cartridge, which tends to rule out many moving coil (MC) cartridges. Low compliance carts require more tracking force and will vibrate too much for low mass like this to handle well. High compliance cartridges are less fashionable these days, so one may want to look for a New Old Stock (NOS) vintage cartridge to partner it with.

This example looks to be in excellent condition and benefits from an upgraded cable. Another Mk.V in good condition and boxed recently sold from a dealer for £220.


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One thought on “Mayware Mk.V Unipivot Tonearm”

  1. I’ve had one of these on my AR XA turntable since ’87. It’s tracked perfectly with every cartridge I’ve mounted, mostly high compliance but including a Decca Gold and, currently, a Goldenote Boboli high-output moving coil. When accurately set up – which can take some fussing – it will cleanly play anything I’ve got. If you can give me the names of a few of the most infamous stylus-busting records I’d love to challenge it.

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