Leak Stereo 20 Valve Amp

In the 1960’s the amplifier market was dominated by three brands, the Rogers Cadet MkII and MkIII, the Quad II and the Leak Stereo 20, the latter of which we have here. Released in 1958, it is by far the best ‘Point One’ amplifier in Leak’s range, models further up the range with greater output, suffered from poorer quality and reliability. Sound wise, it has a sweet and lucid midrange with some roll off on the treble and bass.

As with any old vintage amp from this era, it would be wise to factor in a service, to replace old electrolytic capacitors that are likely to have deteriorated. With the Leak Stereo 20, its common for the power supply to fail, overheat and leak wax underneath (though this doesn’t appear to be the case from the photos given). These old Leak valve amp are very fashionable and getting sought after these days, however this example would be a great restoration project.

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Leak Stereo 20 valve amplifier

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