Sony TA-E9000ES AV Surround Sound Preamp / Processor

Back when Sony designed audio gear with a ‘money no object’ mentality, the 9000ES range of products were right at the top of their game. ES standing for Elevated Standard. This TA-E9000ES was released around 1999 and is a digital surround sound pre-amp, processor and control unit. It features multiple 32 bit SHARC LSI processors to handle all sound processing and audio decoding, full copper chassis and has exceptional build quality throughout.

Although dating from a time before HDMI, this amp can give an unrivaled performance and marks the end of an era when quality won out over end consumer price. If you can live without the latest mod-cons, this amp will give you some serious bang for your money. If you can hunt down a matching TA-N9000ES 5 channel power amp, or TA-P9000ES 5.1 analogue pre-amplifier

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