Thorens TD-160B Turntable

The Thorens TD-160 turntable has been a long standing model in Thorens lineup, from its first release in 1972, to the current incarnation, TD-160 HD. The TD-160 is a suspended deck, with three springs floating the chassis, carrying the platter and tonearm in sync. This design is common with the earlier TD-150, the Linn Sondek LP12 and Ariston to name a few. It work well to absorb vibrations internally from the needle.

The B variant (like the TD-160 Super) is a later version from the early ’80s, which has many improvements over the older versions, including dampening and uprated spindle bearings. Thorens supplied it without tonearm, with dealers bundling an arm as per customer requirements. Popular arms were Linn Basik / Akito, Grace 707, SME 3009, Alphason Xenon / HR100S or Rega RB250 / RB300. The brand new TD-160HD comes adorned with a rebranded Rega RB300.

The Thorens TD-160 has always been a popular choice for those wishing to tinker, upgrade and modify it. With the net full of info and plenty of spares/upgrades available, including many parts from the Linn LP12, which are also interchangeable. The TD-160B’s uprated bearing, makes it a great choice for starting such a project. So pick up this bargain and start modding!

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Thorens TD-160B MkII Turntable - Serviced - c/w Manual & New Belt

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