Musical Fidelity CDT Valve CD Player, Long Lost Cousin to the A1

We’ve all seen and probably heard the classic Musical Fidelity A1 class-A amplifier, a veritable vintage bargain, still in high demand today. However this little silver spinner is its long lost cousin, the CDT, a top notch CD player, which uniquely has a class-A single ended triod output stage, based on a pair of ECC88’s valves, which protrude slightly out of the case top. Also, unlike many other CD players its a top loader, which means no chance of a faulty tray mechanism and a funky window to watch your disc spinning.

The CDT was originally released in 1993 and retailed for £499. If you have an A1 amp, then this CD player would make a perfect partner. Just don’t stack this player on directly top of your A1… 😉

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Musical Fidelity Valve Tube CD-Player

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