Zingali Surround Speaker Bundle, Home Monitors 115’s & Overture 3’s

Zingali are a high end Italian speaker firm, specialising in horn based products. Their horns are exquisitely made, carved from a single piece of Yellow Poplar wood, to give a quality of sound that is like nothing else.

This sale, is for some of their monster speakers, from the Home Monitor range. They really are colossal, with the front 3 speakers weighing in at 275Kg combined! Zingali’s in general rarely appear on the market, especially not such models and with matching centre speaker. The rear pair of the Zingali Overture 3’s, a more modest floorstander, but sharing similar tech, design and aesthetics to the rest. The frequency response on all these speaker is deep and wide, no need to supplement them with a subwoofer.

Brand new, these 5 speakers would have cost around £24K, making the asking price of £7K for the lot a veritable bargain. Check them out now, as you’ll not likely see another pair like them in the second hand market. They are currently for sale on the classifieds section of Hi-Fi Wigwam here.

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