Chord Chordette Gem DAC

Check out this interesting little DAC from Chord, featuring USB input (supporting 24bit/96kHz sample rate) and support for the new APT-X Bluetooth standard. This enables CD quality (16/44.1), lossless audio to be streamed to it wirelessly from a multitude of devices with similar support (or compatible dongle). It also supports good old A2DP over Bluetooth, however this uses lossy compression. At its heart it uses Texas Instruments PCM2704 USB DAC chip, which along with Chord’s implementation, gives top notch sound quality. Wrapped up in a funky looking Aluminium case, available in a number of colours, its a great way to get decent tunes from your computer to your hi-fi, regardless of where they’re situated in your house.

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Chord Electronics Chordette Gem 24 Bit DAC (With APTX)

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