Digital Sylus Gauge / Tracking Force Scales

To get the best sound from your deck requires some careful setting up. One step of which, is getting the tracking force correct; too low and your needle will skip, too high and you can potentially ruin your vinyl and shorten the life span of your needle.
Most tone arms only have a rudimentary scale on their counter weight, which ideally needs recalibrating after any movement of the cartridge on the head shell. Other old scales used a see-saw balance, but were equally fiddly and not massively accurate.
With a set of digital scales like these, you can get the exact downward force your needle is exerting to 100th of a gramme, quickly and easily. Simply pop the scales on your platter and plonk the needle on them – job done!
This pair are cheap and have plenty of good reviews. Hong Kong tat these are not. So grab a bargain, and get that deck setup properly, your ears, vinyl and needle will thank you for it.
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