Marantz PM-75 Integrated amp with built in twin DAC

This amp is a rare beast. It is a well spec’d and decent quality 100W integrated Amp from Marantz, dating from around 1989. However its unique in featuring a twin DAC, so it can be fed digital signals too (upto 48kHz). A rather forward thinking concept that put it ahead of the curve somewhat. It also features a good MM/MC switch-able phono stage, for hooking up your turntable.

The built in DAC makes it ideal for use in a modern setup, where its common to have analogue sources (like a turntable) and digital sources (like games consoles, computers and TV set top boxes). Partner with a nice pair of stereo speakers and you’ve got a very well endowed stereo setup, that’ll take some beating

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See here for a more detailed write up on this Marantz PM-75.

2 thoughts on “Marantz PM-75 Integrated amp with built in twin DAC”

  1. Just fished reworking one, totally amazing sound!
    Running source direct, no tone required!
    JBL1’s and sony bookshelf 75watters both did a fab job..I had a good listen outside and WOW!

  2. Last one, with the massive dual transformers, she delivers the yamaha type punch with the retro tone common to rotel and many of the older amps…”nad” is my favorite…going back to day “0” ..need i say more..yes..NAD DEFINED STEREO AND “RETRO RULES”!
    GOOGLE 44CT357.

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