Marantz PM-75 Integrated amp with built in twin DAC

This amp is a rare beast. It is a well spec’d and decent quality 100W integrated Amp from Marantz, dating from around 1989. However its unique in featuring a twin DAC, so it can be fed digital signals too (upto 48kHz). A rather forward thinking concept that put it ahead of the curve somewhat. It also features a good MM/MC switch-able phono stage, for hooking up your turntable.

The built in DAC makes it ideal for use in a modern setup, where its common to have analogue sources (like a turntable) and digital sources (like games consoles, computers and TV set top boxes). Partner with a nice pair of stereo speakers and you’ve got a very well endowed stereo setup, that’ll take some beating

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See here for a more detailed write up on this Marantz PM-75.

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