Logitech Harmony 900 Universal Remote Control

The Logitech Harmony Remotes have been around for a few years now and are a great way to manage many devices from a single remote. With many people having a TV, Sky/Cable box, AV receiver, bluray/DVD player and more, you’ve probably got a stack of remotes that you need to flip between for changing volume/channel etc.

The Logitech Harmony remotes simplify matters, by letting you setup ‘activities’, which turn on just the devices you need and ensure the remotes buttons send commands to the most appropriate devices. I’ve personally used a few of their models of the years, 525, 885 and now the 900), the latter being their more high end model, which uses RF so the remote need not even be pointing at all your devices. All have been great to use and latest well. The higher up models feature Li-ion batteries and charging dock, removing the need to buy stacks of AAA’s! All their remotes come with setup software that runs on Windows and Mac. These remotes aren’t the cheapest, but are the best on the market and invaluable if your home cinema needs to be used by others in the house!

Amazon are about to sell this Harmony 900 model as part of their crazy Black Friday promotion at lunch today, so catch this deal quickly!

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