Technics SB-E100 Linear Phase, Horn loudspeakers

Technics are not a company best known for high end Hi-Fi, they’re more popularly regarded for their DJ decks. However, this interesting pair of speakers from the early ’80s are a good example of their really high end work. Utilising a 30cm conventional bass driver in a bass reflex enclosure, combined with two linear phase horns for mid and tweeter. Crossover setting can be tweaked manually using the rear control panel. These speakers are incredible efficient, due to the horns, with a sensitivity on paper of 95dB/W/m, making them ideal for very low output valve amps. The large bass cone/horn combination gives you the best of both worlds with deep down bass response (down to ~35Hz) and a lovely even frequency response from mid to very top end frequencies.

These speakers are rare and unusual and if sold today would probably cost nigh on £10K. Treat them well and your investment will most likely grow over the coming years.

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Technics SB-E100 Linier Phase, Horn loudspeakers

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