Marantz MA500 Monoblocks

Marantz MA500 MonoblocksContinuing our theme of small boxes, these are Marantz monoblocks, each the size of a small shoe box and capable of producing a single channel of 125W (into 8 Ohm). Grab three for your front left, centre and right speakers, or grab 5 for full surround sound. Better still use a pair bridged on a single speaker to give 360W! Being THX rated, these little black boxes will definitely make for a top sound home cinema and will likely remain with you as you upgrade your processor to keep up with the latest digital formats.

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MARANTZ MA 500 THX Certified Mono Power Amplifiers
Right Now on eBay

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  Marantz MA500 monoblock amps x2 in black 125w

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