Cyrus AV8 – Mini Surround Sound Processor

Cyrus are well known for producing high end HiFi in small packages, with all their gear in small shoe box size boxes, half the width of most of brands at 22cm. This particular product is one of their excursions into surround sound, its a 5.1 decoder/processor and preamp. Pair it with some power amps or some active monitors and you’ve got a very discrete and high quality AV setup.

There’s no video switching on this box, but most TV’s have plenty of input so shouldn’t be missed; there’s no HDMI inputs either, but there are 6 digital SPDIF inputs and a couple of stereo analogue inputs. To get the best sound from BluRay’s with this, you’ll have to use one of the SPDIF inputs, so no lossless audio. However DTS-MA streams do contain a very high bitrate core DTS stream that this processor can decode. It would also be worth hunting down a BluRay player that can re-encode DolbyHD and LPCM streams to high bitrate DTS on the fly too. Still not lossless, but with SPDIF handling upto 1.5Mbps, this will sound very good and far better than any DVD soundtrack. Samsung produce a few BluRay players with this re-encode feature.

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Cyrus AV8 Home Cinema Processor

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