Leak 2075 Speakers – ’70s Classics

Leak 2075 Bring back the ’70s with these funky Leak 2075 Sandwich speakers. Dating from 1975 and utilising Leak’s well known aluminium cones. They’re veritable monsters, at over a metre high and half metre wide, weighing in at over 50Kg each! The bass driver is a whopping 38cm in diameter, that can reach down to around 35hz – no need for a separate subwoofer with these.

Why so big? Back in the ’60s and ’70s amplifiers with high power output were thin on the ground and generally very expensive or unreliable (or both!), thus efficient speakers were required to achieve a decent volume from a small signal. Loud music requires a lot of air to be moved, thus large cones are required (or lots of cones). Large cones/cabinets are also more suited to producing low frequencies. Many of todays small lifestyle speakers can produce much below 80Hz and require a lot of power to drive them.

If you’ve got the room and can collect, these Leaks would be perfect for a mighty retro setup.

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  1. Hi,I found a pair of the Leak2075s about 5 years ago in mint condition and had them checked out by Wilmslow audio.They are great speakers and I think that they will hold there value.Clyde

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