PMC DB1i Transmission Line Standmount Speakers

PMC DB1iPMC are a leading British speaker firm, well regarded in professional circles and endorsed by the likes of Brain May and Robbie Williams. This small standmount, is unusual in employing a transmission line design in a such a small cabinet. Internally, behind the bass driver there is a transmission line channel whose effective length is 5.5 feet! This allows these compact speaker to reach deep bass frequencies that competing models of the same size can’t get close to.
This model is still current and retails for just over £1000. This example here is in great condition and could be a great bargain – don’t miss them!

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Ended: October 23, 2011, 4:00 pm

Location: Enfield, London

PMC DB1i Advanced Transmission Line Standmount Speakers, Excellent Condition

Read a full review from Stereophile magazine here.

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