Nuforce Icon 2, Mini amp and Dac.

NuForce Icon 2NuForce are a Californian company who make are famous for high-end Class-D amplifiers, that’s digital amplifiers, which are very small and very efficient. This dinky little box, is very versatile with built in 24/96 USB DAC, 3.5mm jack input, 24W stereo speaker output and headphone amp to boot. Perfect for a second system in the kitchen, office, dining room etc. Plug in a laptop, iPod, game console etc, plus some reasonably efficient/sensitive speakers are you’re got decent tunes with minimal clutter and boxes. Normal retail price is around £230.

Right Now on eBay

Seller Feedback: 957 (100%)

Ended: September 23, 2011, 3:46 pm

Location: Bath, Avon

NuForce Icon-2 integrated desktop amp Icon 2 / USB DAC / headphone amp

Full spec can be found on the NuForce website here.

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