Cambridge Audio R50 Transmission Line Speakers – Huge!

Cambridge Audio R50These monster speakers date back to the early ’70s, when Cambridge Audio was an independent company and their designer B. J. Webb, implemented this legendary example of transmission line design. I won’t go into the details of this much used design, needless to say it can achieve very low bass response at the expense of physical cabinet size. And these speakers are big! – H110 x D45 x W33 cm and 35Kg each. However their sound quality and accurate bass reproduction has been them a classic, well worth checking out, if you’ve got the space.

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Cambridge Audio R50 R 50 Pair transmission line floorstanding speakers original?

Check out this detailed review and write up from 1972 on these Cambridge Audio R50 speakers.
And for those who’d like to read up on transmission line speaker theory, check out this wiki page here.

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